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Vinnie is all business in this movie. She gives our cameraguy a quick bj before three horny guys start taking care of her needs. After a double penetration she swallows three loads.

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This Milf with good Job with the Boys!!!


We are offered up 37-year-old Vinnie from Budapest. This blond has a great body with a huge set of tits. What is really great is that she truly looks like MILF with a few wrinkles in the face and stretch-marks on the belly. Vinnie frees her breasts from her top. She pulls her pants down to her knees and then slaps and rubs the cameraman’s cock against her exposed pussy. She lies back on the lounger and removes her pants completely. Vinnie plays with her pink hole for awhile, and then stands and removes her top. The lucky cameraman now gets his reward as Vinnie strokes his cock and then proceeds to gobble it up. Her hand, lips and tongue work magic on his shaft. Vinnie tugs on his rod until cum spills out. Her tongue swirls around it to taste the yummy juice. Now that she is warmed up, a trio of studs walks in to put Vinnie to the test. She squats down and quickly begins working their cocks with her mouth and hands. You can tell this is old hat for Vinnie. The guys also mouth-fuck her hard, and she coughs as few times as the ramming cocks plunge into her throat. Vinnie leans back against the lounger as the guys one by one climb on it and power fuck her mouth. The boys lift her onto the lounger and a cock quickly slips into her pussy. The guy’s trade off as they also start to feed Vinnie’s mouth tubesteak as well. After a while they roll her onto her side. One stud fucks her ass from behind. Vinnie also sucks a cock and strokes another as her puckered hole is pummeled. Quickly they shift position as she moves to the top and slides her ass down over a cock. As Vinnie glides up and down she also sucks the studs standing to the side of her. The left out solider lifts her ass from the other’s cock and drives his dick home in her poop chute. Finally, they get Vinnie in the right position. She is sandwiched between two of them as the third slips his dick into her mouth to make sure all three holes are occupied. Vinnie looks at home being DPed. It appears she loves taking it as much as the boys love dishing it out. They flip her over so she is now face up, but still working all three cocks. Vinnie goes back to riding cock with just her pussy. But it does not take the boys long to go back DPing her. Finally, she is ready for her meal. The makeup around her left eye is smeared as the first batter steps up to the plate. He squirts his load into her waiting mouth. The second batter jettisoned a half dozen more into Vinnie’s open mouth. The number three man in the lineup let his thick cream ooze out fall into her mouth. The happy MILF cheerfully swallowed her gooey rewards - Skirt Reviewer -