Roxy R

Added January 29, 2008

Roxy certainly knows how to care for herself to slow down aging. This twenty nine year old babe fucks two guys and does a double vaginal penetration. Stretch that pussy babe!

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Roxy Rockat


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This gottabe one of the most beautiful facial of the site as the camera is expertly placed to let us enjoy how her old yet-pearled face is covered by some messy spunkshots.


Review by Counterpunk Good points - Roxy is a welcome addition to the Milf collection. She is a sexy, smallish blonde with a sort of cheeky appearance, a curvy figure and also one of the younger looking models. - This is a stretch back to the older, tamer shoots on the network. No rough housing here. -Pretty decent sex in three positions, reverse cowgirl, double pussy penetration doggy-style (a rarity) and the more common ropin’ and ridin’ style. - A gooey facial, well a mix of cum swallowing and facial to finish. Bad Points - I’m not so keen on pool scenes due to the bad acoustics. - Blowjob could have had more passion and sucking too. She looks the part but doesn’t quite live to my expectations. - The intro was a bit too long. Cut to action. Would I download it? Mmm, someday perhaps. Final Score 7/10


We find beautiful, blonde Roxy in a blue-denim top and skirt in front of an indoor pool. The most striking thing about her is her gorgeous face and perfect lips. Roxy teases us for sixteen, grueling minutes before her two gentleman callers enter with studded belts around their necks. The two of them lie on the tiled floor and stroke their cocks. One at a time Roxy crouches down over their faces. The men each get a chance to lick her shaved pussy. Roxy climbs onto of one of them and the 69-position. She puts those perfect lips to their proper user as she starts slurping away on cock. From time to time she twist to her left to also tease the other waiting cock with her mouth. Roxy likes stroking the two dicks in union. Her eyes are radiant as she looks into the camera while munching on a cock. Roxy climbs onboard one cock reverse cowgirl as the gent to her left continues to stroke his meat. She propels her pussy up and down his shaft, enjoying the moment. After a few minutes she moves to her left, and also rides the other cowboy’s saddle horn. The other chap gets to his feet. He gives Roxy his healthy baton suck on as she bounces up and down on his buddy. They get Roxy on her left side. One stud pilots his cock into her cunt from behind as the other presents her with his cock to suck. Her right leg is lifted high as the two scoundrel pleasure the maiden. The dick pounding is not to the usual pace presented, and does not have the same fever pitch we associated with these videos. They three move into a doggy-position so Roxy can take a pounding from behind while slurping cock. Just once I would like to see the one guy grab her head, and drive her head down deep over his dick. They kind of let Roxy dictate a somewhat easygoing cocksucking pace. Roxy once more takes climbs onto an upright shaft with her sweet pussy. Finally some spice is added to the scene as the second man slides his cock into her pussy as well. The two dicks ride in and out of her cunt, stretching it to its limits. The backside view of the double-vagina is excellent. The camera closes in her face during the pussy attack. Her gorgeous yes and the phrase “oh yea, oh shit” says it all. Roxy kneels on the tile. From her left the first stud lets lose with his load. Nine good loads smack her face. Roxy’s mouth, nose, cheek, and left eye feel the sting. The other stud uses his right hand to tilt her head back. He squeezes his gooey payload out. Much of it falls to her waiting tongue. Roxy looks at the camera with her sticky face. Her ecstatic eyes tell us this bitch like her cum-treat. The first part of the video was a D+. The double-vaginal was an A and the facial was a B+. The DPP and facial raise the scene to a B. With some more rough housing this scene could have been an A.