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Rita Faltayano just hit the 29 mark and we thought it would be a great chance to shoot her for MILFTHING.COM. This busty nympho can never get enough and needs

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Rita Faltoyano

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Rita Faltoyano. She?s a great model that has a particular attractive, beside her body: her way of being fucked. I love this model since I have seen her on Primecups perform. She?s unique I love her face, her skill of sucking dick, that way that like to be penetrated no matter the quantity of guys who bang to her and her way of provoking the most extremely cums. Ia such a fan from her that my last turn on was because of her. Cool!!!8)


“Rita Faltoyano … the former princess of Europorn, now a 29 y/o MILFthing!!!” Face: A- Body: B+ Charm: A Sex: A- (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) HIGHLIGHTS: Rita Fucking Faltoyano! Who can forget Private’s little darling, Rita? She’s put out some great work over her storied career (I saw her in Private Gladiator and loved it). It’s kind of shocking to see her featured as a “MILF”, but I guess she’s not technically a spring chicken anymore. Well, age has been kind to her and at 29 she’s still as hot as ever. This is a girl who has a voluptuous body coupled with hot sexiness that oozes from her performance. She’s a pro – and it’s a treat to see her doing some gonzo work for this site. Rita starts off in hot fishnet stockings/garter/bra. She’s got beautiful tits and a nice round ass that invites attention, and we get to see her gyrate and masturbate. Even though she’s done probably a thousand scenes by now, she puts on a good show and looks into her work. After some finger fucking, she opens the door to a young male girl (and a great view of her ass at 12:40). She’s vocal, she teases the guy and she playfully lets him (and us) know what’s on her mind. After sitting on his face/tongue, she gets in 69 position and goes to town on his shaft. We don’t see his end of the 69, which I think was a wasted opportunity, but the director chooses to emphasize the blowjob. She then rides cowgirl while screaming some really hot pillow talk – I mean, er, sofa talk – and her large breasts bounce up and down like two kangaroos racing through the jungle. 23:25 gives us a great view of her round ass while she sits cowgirl style. I liked the fact that she hasn’t yet stripped off the stockings – it adds to the visual appeal of the shot. 26:00 She gets banged doggy style before getting turned 180 degrees over the course of this sequence. The scene is topped off with a generous facial 23:45. Rita is hot, she’s a pro, and it’s a privilege to watch her here. Other girls should watch her performance – she gives us a good amount of talk to spice things up without being too much. Since this site is supposed to be MILFs dominating young dudes, I think she could have still been a little harsher to the male – I would have liked to see some aggressive face smothering with her beautiful ass and tits. But this was an enjoyable scene, and worth the download. I’m looking forward to more from MILFthing. -Scene Doc