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Megane came in without panties under her dress and started to work our guys. She got ass fucked and swallowed two big loads of sperm.

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Cecilia Vega

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The tasty raven-haired Megane looks like a Beverly Hills housewife. She has a bit of a “Catherine Bell” look to her. As soon as her two studs show up, Megane drops to her knees between them with both cocks in hand. Right off the bat she tries to inhale as much cock as possible. The French whore then crawls over to a black lounger/bed. One guy lies down in front of her. Megane’s mouth lavishes attention on his shaft as the other stud prepped her pussy and ass with his mouth and fingers. He then bypasses her pussy and goes straight for her ass with his sword. The Parisian is in paradise as the two studs pounder her mouth and ass. Megane mounts the other stud with her poop-chute. The second man stands to right, and gives her some meat to munch on. I love the shot of her uninhabited pussy with its little patch of hair at the top begging for cock while a huge dick just below it hammer drills her ass. After a bit Megane is ass fucked as she lies on her left side. A noticeable black trail of mascara is coming down from her left eye. The other guy power drives his dick down into her mouth. Megane is repeatedly slapped and her throat grasped during the action. Megane hunkers down over the cock that has been slamming her ass, and sucks it. The second stud offers his also up for some mouth love. She does a great job of squeezing both dicks into her mouth at the same time. Finally, Megane mounts a cock with her pussy. This bitch can scream. The other stud shoves his dick into her shitter. The scene really needs a third a guy. Some one to plug her mouth to eliminate the ear shattering shrieks. During the action the guy pounding her ass places his right foot on the back of her head. Since Megane is statuesque the next position is a no brainer. The boys fuck her ass and pussy as she stands on her left leg. Her right leg is hoisted up to give us a clear view of the action. From there she is lifted up off the floor so the guys can real ream her two holes. After that she drops to the floor to suck some more cock. Her face is a mess as she kneels between. It looks like Megane has been smack around a bit as her cheap eye makeup smudges badly. Megane sits on a stool. With her ass peaking over the edge one of them men keeps pounding her pooper. With her right hand she strokes the other fellow’s shaft. The guy lifts her off the chair. With both hands under her legs elevating her, he shows the camera her empty pussy as her ass is lifted up and down on his cock. Back on the lounger they DP Megane the conventional way. These boys are loving their French fuck toy. Dragging her by the hair one guy positions her on her knees in the middle of the room. Her radiant eyes from earlier are gone as black smudges surround them. The first guy squirts his payload into her mouth from her right. The second drives his into her mouth from the left. Megan plays with the cum in her mouth. She then swallows it down. This French pastry is a must-see, and we can only hope she is used again and again in more videos!


Short Version: Megane is a slim, very attractive, younger looking brunette. She takes on two studs orally, vaginally and anally in this MILF Thing video. Long Version: In a very sexy entrance, Megane she shows us her lack of panties. Hmmm....accidental or on purpose – which do you think? She shares her sexy mood with us by showing off her pretty butt and by fingering her asshole. Very nice. When two guys join her, the fun begins with the pretty lady deep-throating their cocks before taking each cock anally in various positions. Her long lean frame looks excellent as she takes the guys on. She even attempts giving double head which is obviously not easy and wrecks her makeup. Luckily, taking a double penetration is easy for her. There’s some rough treatment in this video but Megane seems to be enjoy the entire session. Highlight: The double cumshots into her waiting mouth are highlighted by Megane’s great attitude and winning smile as she anticipates the double gulp she’s about to take. The guys shoot solid loads into her mouth, but the second guy takes the prize. Our gal savors every drop, swishing the loads in her mouth before taking a deep swallow. She closes out the video by bending over and showing us her just-fucked pussy and asshole, something to remember her by – all the while a big, sly smile on her face! Drawbacks: Nothing really. Just a solid MILF Thing video. Random Thoughts: I love the smile on her face during the whole experience. Good sex, what’s not to smile about? :D