Added August 9, 2007

Mandy Bright is as old-school porn as it gets. This busty brunette can't get enough of hard anal pounding and she let's these two lucky guys know exactly how she likes it. Lots of hard anal penetration with closeups on her massive boobies, scene ends with both guys spray painting her face with ropes of white cum. Enjoy!

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Mandy Bright

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So glad to see Mandy Bright back in action! After her legendary vid on AssTraffic, we hadn't seen much in the way of anal action from Ms. Bright... until MilfThing!!! Mandy is dressed very elegantly as this movie begins, hair pulled up in a ponytail, in a white dress with open toed shoes. She shows off her voloptuous body and takes out her huge tits. She takes off her dress and sits on a chair, with only her white panties left on. Those quickly hit the floor as well, and she gets into doggie while rubbing her clit. She then starts fingering her ass from behind, and very sexily pulls out her digits and licks that ass juice right off. She walks over to a pool chair where she continues fingering her ass before two studs come walking out with rock hard cocks ready to fuck. The guys lie down side by side, and Mandy comes over to stroke their cocks before she smothers one lucky guy with her tits. She moves to the next guy, hovering over him, with her pussy near his face, before pinching his nose shut and jamming her twat right into his mouth! Great stuff! She turns around and makes him lick her ass. She then gets on her knees and starts sucking cock, taking one in her mouth while stroking the other one. When she is ready to fuck, she gets on the lounge chair in doggie and gets it in the pussy while sucking off the other guy. After some reverse cowgirl, she puts the cock into her ass and starts riding the guy anally. They do some mish in vag, then some mish anal before rocking her in a brief reverse cowgirl DP. The scene ends with the first guy shooting his load into her mouth, and the second guy nailing her face with a great, thick load. She sucks the guys and lets the cum drool out of her mouth, no swallowing for Mandy! She tells us she wants to thank the guys, and proceeds to throw them into the pool! This is a solid scene, though I expected a bit harder action from the anal queen Mandy Bright. Maybe she can't take it in the butt as she used to as a young lass. Nevertheless, this is quality stuff, Mandy has gained a bit of weight but still fucks like a youngster. Rating: 8/10


“Mandy Bright gives us a luminous Milfthing performance” Face: B Body: B+ Curvy with some amazing knockers! Charm: A Sex: A (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) HIGHLIGHTS: Aggressive and humorous performance, SMOTHERING, great facial and ending Mandy Bright must be in her late 30’s, and for her age she’s still got a great body. She’s very voluptuous and has huge knockers that are fun to watch. But the best aspect of her performance is her aggressiveness and her hot language that fits the theme of the site wonderfully. “I will kill them with my tits, my pussy and my ass!” She truly is a great Milf. In the initial tease and foreplay the most memorable moment is when she SMOTHERS both guys with her ass. She then gives a 2 for 1 blowjob that is quite vigorous, first with both guys lined up on the floor and then with her kneeling while they tower above her (10:45). At 16:05 she heads on over to a poolside chair where the guys plug her from both ends for about 9 minutes in various positions. The camera work is varied and gives us some close-ups and some wide shots. At 25:35 one of the guys starts plugging her ass with his massive cock, and she takes it very, very well (she’s done this before, I see :) ). A short DP is featured at 28:15. She closes the scene with a SLOPPY double facial, and then she shoves both guys in the pool. Talk about disciplining the kids! Hot sex, aggressive talk, good camera work made this a great MILF flick. I would have liked to have seen more seamless editting between takes, you could see the action was spliced together and sometimes there were abrupt changes in the action. A small gripe, because they left in all the good parts. Recommended. -Scene Doc