Added November 5, 2007

This sexy secretary decided she needed some extra loving. She fucks two guys while wearing a pair of sexy stockings. She does anal, gaping and double penetration in this movie.

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Linda Brown

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Jaw-dropping Maggie saunters into the scene with a black jacket, black skirt, white top, black stockings, and sexy glasses. Next to Honda motorcycle the simmering brunette removes her jacket, and reveals her panties with “ok” embodied all over them. Beneath the panties you can see the outline of her narrow-strip of pubic hair. Maggie opens her top, and you can see the matching “ok” bra beneath it. She sits on the bike rubbing her panties and bra. Maggie walks into the house, and just inside the door removes her white top. She then seductively removes her black skirt, before proceeding farther into the home. In a white, sunlit room she finds two naked studs seated, stroking their cocks with blindfolds on. Maggie removes her panties, and pulls her breasts free of the bra. One of the men removes his blindfold. Maggie squats before him, and starts slurping away on his cock. After a short time she moves to her left and takes up work on the cock of the other stud in the room. He remains blindfold for a minute or so until finally Maggie decides he should see what is making his dick so happy. They go out to a patio area where Maggie squats between them. The carefree MILF continues her oral offensive on the two dicks. Her hands stroke the two in perfect timing. The guys help her from time to time by grasping her head as they propel their cock it her eager mouth. You can tell this bitch loves slurping on tubesteak. Maggie lies back on the cushy, patio lounger. One of the guys licks away at her pink hole as she strokes the other with her legs spread wide. Maggie repositions herself on the lounger, and sucks the cock of her first pussy licker as the other guy commence his tongue lashing of her hole. He then replaces his tongue with his dick. Maggie’s right leg is hoisted high as her pussy and mouth are chock-full of cock. After a short time she climbs onto of the one warrior, and sucks the cock of the other. Maggie looks majestic traveling up and down on the rigid pillar as she services the other with her head turned to the right. Maggie dismounts her stallion, and turns to suck his throbbing shaft. The other hard charger takes up position behind her, and slides his baton into her sweet ass. Maggie just slurps away on the one cock as her backdoor is plowed. He spits in and fingers her asshole a bit to make sure it is well lubricated. He also uses both thumbs to spread it wider and wider. Maggie straddles the back of the lounger with her body. One cock moves to her face and the other to her backside. As the cocks piston in and out of her mouth and ass Maggie’s body slithers back and forth of the flowery fabricate of the lounger’s back. We are given several good shots of her gaping asshole. The guys turn her over onto her back. The two trade-off positions as they continue to pump her ass and mouth. A dildo is added to the action to please her idle pussy. They move back down to the lower part of the lounger, and take up a traditional DP arrangement. The two cocks churn away inside the brunette wench’s cavities. You can tell Maggie is no stranger to DP. She reverses her position, and rides her ass reverse-cowgirl on his dick. After a couple minutes the other cowpoke sticks his cock into her unoccupied cunt. Maggie puts her glasses back on, and squats between the two men. She chugs away on their cocks preparing them for the final act. The stud to her left lets the cum flow as it streams down her left lens, cheek, and nose. Maggie makes sure to suck what cum is still remaining from his helmet. From the right the other swordsman lets several go shots fly splashing down on her glasses, nose, and mouth. Some of it even trails from her left eyebrow down to her left ear. The two men can be very proud of the white mess they made of Maggie’s face. This MILF is well worth the attention of the viewers. - Skirt Reviewer -