Added July 30, 2007

Talk about experience. Judith confessed she worked as a high class escort girl in the late 90s, then quit when she got her chick girl and now seeks back some of the excitement of the "actoin" after she got divorced. We certainly were able to provide some of that. This hot chick got fucked every which way and then eats a solid load of cum. Enjoy!

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Judith is absolutely gorgeous and convinces me with a fantastic Performance that leaves no phantasies open. Judith is amazing, world class !!!!


Summary Judith despite looking older than most models here proves to be one woman who can still churn out the goods intensely. She is a mature sexual guy and I hope she comes back for seconds. 8.5 / 10 :evil: Counterpunk Description Judith’s body as well as her face reflects the older, mature woman more noticeably than other models here. Nevertheless she still looks sexually attractive her long black dress even though her boots do her no justice – high heels please. She has natural breasts, a tight body and dark alluring, bedroom eyes which are more and more alluring as the shoot progresses. She gets down to the busy of showing of her assets without much ado and begins proceedings by fondling her pussy. Whether it is the male star doing the fingering or her, she gives the impression of a dirty, mature sexual guy scavenging for her next source of pleasure. Or in other words, a natural sexual desire which is better gauged by watching the shoot. Perhaps it’s her eyes or even her moaning but in any case I wasn’t expecting to be drawn in so soon. As far as blowjobs go, she lives up to her initial guyly impression and unlike some, this is not a chore to watch. It’s also a wet one but not so wet to be classified as a drenching. Judith is able to consume his whole shaft many times over without gagging once and almost manages to wrap her entire mouth around his balls. It’s hard to explain but she just seems to be a natural at it and firmly cements herself as a woman ILF. Consequently this is one blowjob that I wished could have continued on for longer. Sex in a multitude of positions with Judith is something pretty intense. Whether its doggy-style, reverse cowgirl or any other its hot, steamy and ball-bustingly good. To begin with it is all pussy penetration with anal to follow in two positions on the couch. It is a fact that Judith does exaggerate a little throughout the sex. But in my opinion that is what is wanted from a woman who at moments stretches out her tongue in search for the nearest thing to suck. Anal sex follows along the same track and includes more cock sucking, pussy fingering and tongue waggling. All in all, the sex just seemed to work and confirm that in this case appearances don’t lie. The final minutes include a finger fest or at least a desperate attempt by the male star to make Judith squirt .She appears to come close to doing so, but unfortunately there’s no cigar. Although instead of a cigar she receives a cumshot which is swallowed in one go. One last attempt is made at popping her cork before the end – better luck next time (hopefully).