Added May 27, 2008

Joanna is a super cute short haired MILF with a crazy appetite for hard sex. Two guys go to work on her. She even does a hard double anal penetration!

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Joana Romain

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Joanna is super sexy but I wish it was a one-on-one scene, way too many double penetrations scenes on this site!


My sincere compliments to everybody who was involved in the production of this vid. Kudos to Joanna Romain of course, for her anal, DP and DA performance. The scriptwriter, the director, the cameramen, and the studs also get a "Grade A" on the petermeter for their work. The only thing, and I mean the only thing, that prevents it from getting an A+, 100% petermeter rating is that there should have been two anal creampies at the end.


Joanna looks HOT as she comes down the stairs in her white outfit. The 33-year-old Romanian beauty has a real erotic feel to her. Two guys are sent to take care of the short-haired blonde. It is obvious this MILF likes sucking dick. Joanna’s head is on a swivel as her mouth moves back and forth between the two batons. She is able to work the two heads into her mouth together. Eventually one of the guys decides to fuck her. They do pussy-mouth in several positions. Joanna mounts one of the guys reverse cowgirl with her ass. The other guy power fucks her throat. Joanna is then ass-fucked doggy for awhile. Taking it in the backdoor is like falling off a log for her. Finally, the boys DP the creamy skinned whore. In a real shocker they even do a double anal on her, and even more shocking, she hardly makes a fuss about. In the end both guys come in her mouth. What is remarkable to me is how effortlessly Joanna did the scene. You think double-anal the bitch would be going nuts. Not Joanna, it was like old hat for her.


Joanna is definitely a MILF, who we are introduced to on the steps of the house, in an elegant white one-piece outfit. We are treated to a slow tease, before peeling off her clothes revealing a natural and voloptuous body. The scene shifts and she's in doggie and is obviously horny because she decides to finger her ass. She then gets on her back and we get some GiveMePink level closeups of her pussy, as she rubs and spreads it open for us. She rubs her clit and then we realize it must be her lucky day as two studs with hard cocks come down the stairs to join her. They waste no time, finger her cunt and getting their cocks sucked, before they get into position with one guy nailing her vag and the other getting orally pleased by this horny MILF. They then get on the steps and do some reverse cowgirl vaginal while she sucks off the other guy. This quickly moves to reverse cowgirl anal as the guy pulls out then puts it right into her butthole. She puts her feet on the stud's thighs as the other guy chokes her. Very sexy. The guys do one of my fave things, which is to pull her up and off the stud underneath her, exposing her tight asshole so the other guy can plow his dick right in there too! The next position is standing doggie, and we are all anal by this point. Then we get a wicked shot, with Joanna placed in between steel rails (as seen on the preview pics), as she gets nailed anally while sucking off another dick. Nice shots of her feet here. They move to a couch where they do a cowgirl DP before moving on to a reverse cowgirl double anal! Wow! Absolutely fantastic shots here of this small girl getting two big cocks in her butthole. She doesn't look that comfortable but I bet she loves it! She takes two big loads right in her mouth and swallows it all. She stands up and seems genuinely happy as the scene ends! What a slut. Gotta love it. Rating: 8.5/10 (double anal big bonus)