Added November 27, 2007

Eliza is dressed with some sexy stockings and a black small dress. She blindfolds a guy and starts sucking his cock. She gapes like crazying during the ass fucking that follows.

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Yummy! That is all I can say for the latest outing from Eliza. Among all her many scenes her at PerfectGonzo, this has got to be number one. We see her sitting on a porch with a black slip on, hair pulled up for those who like it like that, and thigh-high stockings that’ll make you harder than a rock. The sexy thing is that she seems reluctant; legs closed, hands around her knees generic poses like hand on neck or head pulled back until she gets up and we see a full view of her outfit and her round firm ass, then she’s not so shy. Her stockings are really sexy, and they stay on for the entire duration of the movie along with her designer heels. Her small whimpers as she touches herself is enough to get your blood flowing, the fact that she slides her hand underneath the flimsy material of her panties makes you grab your cock. Then when Eliza sits back down and slides a finger into her pussy, you wish you were there. Her legs are especially accentuated by her stockings (dark with vertical lines, and a flowery decoration on the bands) as she spreads them wide for us to see up her pussy. Eliza keeps tasting herself too in this part and tries to get herself off with just her fingers, but we all know its not enough for this MILF, she needs something bigger and harder! Inside, Eliza slides down her panties, gets on all fours and tries again, with no avail. So crawling, she goes to her boytoy sitting outside on the porch blindfolded. She plays around with him for awhile, even feeding him her wet undies (lucky bastard!) before going down on him. Her blowjob is a tad bit theatrical as she swallows more of her saliva than his jism, but nevertheless it is a joy to watch. Her boytoy goes down on her to service her for a bit. Then he enters her on the leather seat. A lot of grunting and groaning as the two switch positions; once Eliza is on top we see just how excited she is. She swallows that cock both ways never taking her eyes off the camera. Back inside the boytoy readies her backside for some drived entry with two fingers and a lot of spit. Like I said, luck bastard! From here the cameraman shows us some steller gaping shots, toward the end we have about a minute and a half of just looking at Eliza’s pink but throughout, we are treated to all these shots of her beautiful pussy and asshole, lovingly decorated with globs of sweat, saliva and love juice. Eliza gets on top again, only this time the guys cock is lodged deep inside her ass. Eliza stays on top doing that which she does best before getting on her knees to suck him off. Except for about 5seconds of a needless shot of the guy staring off into the distance (what?! Is this jerk bored!? :shock: ) this is the part to put on your portable devices for those lonely nights away on business. It is one of the best blowjobs scenes to date on MILFthing, not acted out like at the beginning of this movie, but really intense and hard like Eliza wants this guy to shoot in her mouth really bad. When he does, she takes his spastic cock in her mouth and sucks him some more, which as we all know very well, is the sure sign of an experienced cock sucker. As I said, the remainder of the scene is also well worth watching – we tend to turn the movie off after the cumshot, don’t we? – as Eliza fingers her ass and pussy and the camera comes in reeeally tight. You can almost smell the funk because it’s so close. This is definitive MILFthing, for Eliza it will be great to see if she can top this scene, for MT, this will be what all future movies will be judged upon! 8)


Eliza, aka Candy Strong, has to be one of my favorite models out there right now and this video will help to explain why. She starts out wearing a very hot black dress along with stockings, jewelry and some hot makeup. This all looks very classy but very sexy as well. She begins by teasing us in some extremely hot and erotic ways: she massages her breasts and thighs, slowly pulls down the front of her dress revealing her incredible breasts. Boy does she know how to suck cock, she can do it nice and slow almost sensually but she can also deep throat that thing just as well. Which is what she does in this movie to a masked guy. The best part about all of this is that she really seems to enjoy doing it too. There is some face sitting in here which I personally like and think is hot as hell, maybe it's just the dominance thing or something. Anyways, next comes those scenes that by this time I am practically dying to see: watching her pussy get pounded! She takes it in the ass too which is awesome. Eliza does various sex positions in this film. Like cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style etc. My favorite of these would probably have to be the reverse cowgirl when you can see her huge rack bouncing up and down up and down. :D There is a lot of ass-to-mouth and gaping in this video which just adds to everything making it even better. Finally the video ends with her jacking this guys cock off until finally he explodes a massive load of cum in her mouth which she graciously swallows down. In my opinion, a perfect video. 10/10