Added August 13, 2007

Dora Venter is an old school porn slut that now fully qualifies for MILF status. She gets four horny guys to play with in this scene and she knows exactly how to get them to please her. Lots of face sitting, asshole rimming and of course hard anal and double penetration action in this movie. Ends with all four guys unloading in her open mouth one after another for Dora to swallow. Enjoy!

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Dora Venter

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I was very excited before watching this scene for two reasons. First of all because I had never seen a Milfthing scene. Second, because the girl is Dora Venter. What can I say about her? Just take a look at her 9 previous scenes in the Perfect Gonzo sites. She is such a great actress and she is hot as hell. Some time has passed and she is not as pretty as she was. She has probably gained some weight but who cares, she is much better than most of the actresses out there and I love the way she fucks. You can read the SimsVic's review to have a detailed idea of the action. I can only say one thing: Milfthing is something different and for me it is great. Dora speaks a lot with the director and with the actors in a good English. I was hard before she took her clothes off (I wish all the girls talk like her). She also takes control and dominates the four guys and does what she wants to do and have fun all the time. This is the opposite of a Tamedteens movie, a very different experience. 5/5. An instant classic


Oh chick, here we go with a new site with "experienced" women who take control, MilfThing! What better girl to get than the lovely Dora Venter, a porn veteran who loves hardcore. As the scene opens, we see Dora, hair pulled up in a bun, in an elegant dress and black pumps. After a short interview, the scene shifts inside. Dora sits down and pulls aside her panties so she can play with her clit, then gets in doggie and begs for her ass to be slapped! The director obliges. After getting naked, Dora tells us she's hidden her guys in a corner, and she goes to bring them out. She brings two guys out and lays them down on a couch. She teases them, and rubs her breasts in one of their faces before sitting on the other guy's face. He eats out her shaved pussy as he strokes his cock. She then goes to the next guy, grabbing him by the throat and grinding her pussy into his face. So sexy! She pulls out another stud from under the couch and also sits on his face, before having all the guys stand up so she can suck their cocks. The scene fades, and when it comes back there are four guys lying down on their backs. Dora goes to each one in turn and sits on their face, making them lick her and get her off. This is the hottest thing I've seen in ages! Before long, Dora walks over to the couch where she lies down and the guys come in to take turns throatfucking her. She really deepthroats well, this girl is such a pro! The fucking starts in reverse cowgirl vaginal, and he hammers her from below while she sucks off the other guys. The directors asks her: "What about your ass?" Dora says she wants to show the studs her ass, and pushes them to the other side of the couch, and gets in doggie, spreads her ass and puts four fingers in there to show them what they want! Then we get a creative and hot as hell segment, where she crawls over to the guys, puts her fingers in her ass and makes them taste it! Some A2M! God, I'd do that in a second, whatever she wanted! They start nailing her ass in reverse cowgirl, occasionally pulling her up to show off her gape before a guy comes in to nail her ass in mish. She rolls over to get into doggie and a stud comes in excitedly to pound away at her ass. When he pulls out, another guy comes in for some spoon anal. After some more doggie anal, we get both a reverse cowgirl and cowgirl DP. There's great heat in this scene, Dora really takes charge and the guys love it. For the finish, all four guys cum into Dora's open mouth. She shows off the big load she's accumulated and swallows it without a hitch. Her eyes are great when she's waiting for the guys to cum, so sexy. This was a fantastic scene. Dora Venter is a superstar, and seeing her dominate these guys was a great change of pace. This site has lots of potential. Rating: 9.5/10